The dates for the rounds are:
Round 1 6th November (also nitrux round 2)
Round 2 18th December
Round 3 15th January
Round 4 13th February
Round 5 11th March
And finals day - prov 1st April

Entry fees - The series is open to1/8th nitro & electric and 1/10th nitro & electric. Meetings will be capped at 80 and entry is 10 per person and 2nd vehicle at 5

to enter please e-mail
kfken979@hotmail.com [mailto:kfken979@hotmail.com]
jamie@wmrxc.co.uk [mailto:jamie@wmrxc.co.uk]

LMCC Summer Finals - 16th OCTOBER

The LMCC announce 2011 Summer Finals will be run on October 16th. The finals day will consist of 4 rounds of practice for those who are competing for LEDBURY Trophy. Guests with have 4 rounds of qualifying plus their own finals.

The Championship finals of 35mins duration for A final and 25mins B final. Guest finals of 22mins duration.

There will be 2 bump ups from B final giving a chance for every one to win the championship from lower points positions.

Remember your series points give you a finals grid position and race results give overall championships places.

So get wrenching and make sure your cars are in top condition to win LMCC summer championship.

Guests welcome - Entry fee of 10 per person, a second class = 5

To enter please email me at kfken979@hotmail.com

8-11 SERIES WARM UP - Saturday 20th August

With the 8-11 series meeting fast approaching, on 4th Sept, we proposed to hold a warm up meeting for people to come and have a practice to see our club facility.

The meeting is being held on Saturday 20th August. This meeting will consist of 1 round of practice - 3 or 4 qualifying dependants on entry level and 20 minute finals upward.

There is water available on the entrance into the farm at the buildings on the right if you require water and we currently have 1 toilet on site. We will be hiring in another for the main meeting

The track consists of 75% astro and 25% grass. The layout will be altered from warm up to the 8-11 meeting proper but 50% of the track will remain unchanged.

Entry cost is 10 and to enter please email myself at kfken979@hotmail.com with all your relevant details ie Name, Class, PT No, Crystals, Ability

Booking in will open from 8.30am. Camping can be made available please PM me if you intend to camp.

LMCC SUMMER ROUND 4 Moved To 17th July

Latest News - LMCC SUMMER ROUND 4 Moved To 17th July. With three meetings in a row and track needing a little bit of attention it has been decided to run LMCC Summer R4 on 17th July. Hope this does not mess you around too much.

Enteries in ususal way via an email to >> kfken979@hotmail.com <<

R9 & R10 NitroXcross 2/3rd JULY TWO DAY MEETING
Over the weekend Ledbury MCC hosted another 2 fantastic rounds of the nitroxcross summer series. With a fairly low turnout around 35 drivers on each day we opted to run a round of practice, 4 rounds of qualifying and 20 to 30minute finals.
Round 9.
A glorious day for the start and a reverse layout made the Ledbury members abit un nervy due to usually running the same direction, so this were fairly evened up.

With that in hand after 4 rounds of qualifying, Nathan Powney set FTD in Rallycross running the werks b6 engine and Josh Powney Set FTD in Truggies running an Alpha engine.

With Finals under way it was Milan Dragajlovic who took the win in the Rallycross final. And Simon White running an OS Speed taking the win for the Truggies.

Round 10.
Another Beautiful roasting day and with the grass section now lookiing like a dirt track tyre choice was key with many still sticking with yellow mini pins but a few opting for the likes of crimefighters or bowties.

With Qualifying done it was Josh Powney once again FTD in Truggies and this time Milan Dragojlovic taking up FTD for the day.

Into Finals it was very close at many points in the middle of the pack but Milan managed to pull away almost getting upto a 1 lap lead when a driveshaft failure putting him out of the game, Leaving Nathan and Jason Fowler for the battle but Nathan came out on top winning the Rallycross.

In the Truggies it was a similar story with Josh at a fantastic lead then suffering with servo failure leaving Peter Partridge taking the win. This concluded a fanastic weekends racing and hope to see you again soon.

R9 & R10 NitroXcross 2/3rd JULY NOT AT BROMYARD
Due the the restrictions on space plus the revised higher charges the R9 & R10 NitroXcross 2/3rd JULY will be run at Ledbury track not at the Bromyard Gala.

This last minute alteration is regretted but the breakdown with the Bromyard organisers made this change unavoidable.

Book in via Nathan's email via >> kfken979@hotmail.com << in the usual way for this great 2 day meeting this weekend 2/3rd JULY.
Big 3 SUMMER SERIES - Round 3 - 26th June

Round 3 is the next meeting in the popular BIG 3 Summer series is on 26th of June.
With the first 2 rounds seeing up to 50 drivers turn out to each meeting,
it looks to be an open but testing series.

Track work is being carried out to improve the layout, fencing, pit area and
rostrum which will improve the venue down at ledbury.
The meeting again will be open to all that want to come and race.

1/10 truck and buggy(2/4 wd)- (Qualifying 7 mins x 4rds--Finals 8 mins
1/8 electric RallyX.--------- (Qualifying 7 mins x 4rds.-- finals 12 mins
1/8 nitro RallycX.---------- (Qualifying 7 mins x 4rds.-- Finals 20 mins
1/8 nitro Tuggy.----- (Qualifying 7 mins 7 mins x 4rds .--Finals 20 mins

ENTRY FEES. 1/8 10, 2nd class price.
1/10 10, 2nd class price.

IMPORTANT note for 1/10 & 1/8 electric drivers will need a minimum
of 7 electric drivers to have your own heat.This is purely for marshalling reasons.

R9 & R10 NitroXcross 2/3rd JULY - BROMYARD GALA EVENT

The next meeting in the NitroXcrossis being run by the club
at the Bromyard Gala on 2/3rd July with camping trackside. (payable)

Time to start booking in also for our 2 day nitroxcross meeting which is
is open to all classes over this two day meeting.

Contact Nathan Email >> kfken979@hotmail.com << in the usual way but note that you may have to get a gate ground pass for this secure event.

LEDBURY MCC 2011 Championship Dates
Club Series Dates
Round 1 10th Apr
Round 2 8th May
Round 3 26th Jun
Round 4 10th Jul
Round 5 17th Jul
Round 6 28th Aug

3 rounds will get Final day grid place